Phyto One

Soap free cleansing bar Vegetable oils are used in soap making. Substances such as glycerin, essences,stabilizers and so on are used in soap as well as soap noodles. The main downside of conventional soap bars is leaving the skin squeaky clean and drying it out. That’s because they are 90-95% fatty acid sodium salts. Products such as syndet and pain have recently entered the market of skin cleansing products. The main feature in their formulation is the absence of fatty acid sodium salts and the use of pain base and syndet base noodles instead of soap noodles. Syndet base noodles are comprised of one or more surfactants (for lathering) which are combined with acids, fatty alcohol and starch while being cooked and are used in soap free Phyto One cleansers. The main quality of the soap free cleansing bar is the 30% reduction of active agents (lathering agent) as well as the absence of any additives or fillers. As a result, this cleanser will be more pure and natural. All Phyto One products have their special formulation intended to gain the optimum effect. A combination of glycerin, sorbitol, propylene plycol and sodium PCA is used in the formulation of Phyto One products as a moisturizing complex which differentiates these products from other brands and favorable to users. Phyto one products